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Provinces of Cuba

Havana City

Havana City: more info and localities
Main tourist center of the island, Havana was founded in 1519 by the Spaniards as the Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana. For several centuries was a strategic point for Spain by the nature of their port town and its privileged geographical location at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, which gave a weight in trade and...

Sancti Spiritus

Destinations: Trinidad | Sancti Spíritus
Sancti Spiritus: more info and localities
The province of Sancti Spiritus is at the center of Cuba. Founded in 1514 includes two of the first villages founded by the Spaniards: the city of Sancti Spiritus and the city of Trinidad. The city of Sancti Spiritus has buildings in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The city of Trinidad (known as the city museum in Cuba) has the most...


Destinations: Varadero | Matanzas
Matanzas: more info and localities
Matanzas Province is located within 100 kilometers from the capital of Cuba, Havana. It have one of the most important tourist resorts on the island: Varadero, where you can enjoy the most beautiful beach in Cuba, with clear water and shallow depth. You can also visit the caves of Bellamar, discovered in the nineteenth century, with large...

Pinar del Rio

Destinations: Viñales | Pinar del Rio | Sandino
Pinar del Rio: more info and localities
The province of Pinar del Rio is the third-most length province of Cuba. The relief is flat with some mountainous. The largest number of touristics places are concentrated in the area of "Valle de Viñales" National Natural Monument with an area of more than 130 square kilometers is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the...

Santiago de Cuba

Destinations: Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba: more info and localities
Located in the east, the province of Santiago de Cuba was founded in 1514 by the Spaniards, was the capital of the island and even in these days is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Cuba. It is located in a mountainous area comprising the Sierra Maestra, which results in the tilt of streets and houses. The population is a...


Destinations: Cienfuegos
Cienfuegos: more info and localities
Cienfuegos province is in the center of the island of Cuba. Its capital, the city of Cienfuegos was founded in 1819 by French, is now known as the Pearl of the South. It has an attractive bay with an important port that gives a great desearrollo in trade. Its development has an architectural influence, even in its center stands a historical arc...


Destinations: Baracoa
Guantanamo: more info and localities
The province of Guantanamo is the easternmost of the island of Cuba. Far from Havana to 2,000 kilometers. The vegetation of the province is divided into almost desert and other areas of mountainous vegetation. The main attraction is the city of Baracoa, The first Cuban city founded in 1512 and the first capital of the island. In this...

Villa Clara

Destinations: Remedios | Santa Clara
Villa Clara: more info and localities
The province of Villa Clara is located in the center of the island of Cuba. It was founded in 1689. Santa Clara, the capital, is considered the city of Che (Ernesto Che Guevara). In addition to Santa Clara, the province has among its population Remedios eighth village founded by Spaniards and known for their "parrandas", the...

Ciego de Avila

Destinations: Moron
Ciego de Avila: more info and localities
The province of Ciego de Avila is located west of the eastern region of Cuba. Promises to be one of the major tourist destinations thus has a wide range of virgin paradise, bird sanctuaries, islands, areas inhabited by flamingos, among others. One of the keys most visited Cayo Coco is the fourth largest in Cuba, has several beaches,...

Las Tunas

Destinations: Puerto Padre | Las Tunas
Las Tunas: more info and localities
Las Tunas, located in eastern Cuba offers an ideal landscape for nature tourism, forests, waters, facilities for caving and wetlands. There are several beaches on the coast, all with excellent quality, crystal clear waters, white sands and crystalline barriers ideal for diving. There are several sites that are linked to the Cuban...


Destinations: Bayamo
Granma: more info and localities
Granma Province is located in the eastern and southeastern Cuba. The union of the sea with the mountains produces a combination that puts the province among the most visited by tourists. Granma was one of the first villages founded by the Spanish. The province has the largest river in Cuba, El Cauto, which is...


Destinations: Camaguey
Camaguey: more info and localities
Camaguey is located in eastern Cuba, was founded in 1515 under the name of Santa María de Puerto Príncipe. It has a colonial architecture that survived the test of time, with latticed houses, doorways, tile roofs, churches and squares. The city of Camaguey, the city also known as the jars by the large number of...


Destinations: Holguín | Gibara
Holguín: more info and localities
The province of Holguin in eastern Cuba is one of the most populated and developed. Tourism is a major source of income. When Christopher Columbus came to its shores on October 27, 1492 said it was the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen. The mix of sea, beaches and forests is one of the characteristics that... offers you: Accommodation, travel to Cuba, casas particulares for rent in Cuba, apartments and rooms, cheap lodging, rent private house, information and more...