Travel to Cuba: Accommodation in casas particulares, rooms and apartments in Cuba
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Useful Tips

Below is a series of general tips that are useful primarily for those who have never traveled to Cuba or have very little experience in the Cuban way of life.

First and foremost it is not recommend staying at a "particular house" that is not legally authorized to be rented to foreign tourists. Doing so can bring problems to the owner of the house and the tourist who commits this offense.

Make reservations several days before the date of his arrival in Cuba. May well get the best accommodation options.

If you want to know the beauties of the island and have contact with all kinds of experiences, book hostels in different cities in Cuba (Havana, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, Viñales, etc.).

Just change your money at the airport, banks or moneychangers.

Try to get to Cuba with Euros or other currencies accepted in exchange offices other than the U.S. Dollar (USD) as it applies to a tax of 10% in the exchange rate with the Cenvertible Cuban Peso (CUC).

For transportation within the city can count on help from the owners of the hostel where you are. They suggest the best options (taxis, car rentals, etc.).

To travel between the different cities we recommend the regular bus transport Viazul (, which reaches all the cities of the country's tourist price.

Prepare with the owner of a hotel room and meal package, you can ask the most exquisite dishes, from a Creole food to the finest of international cuisine dishes.

Bring a copy of your passport, if the original is lost it would take several days to recruit the papers to leave the country.

Change some of your money to Cuban pesos (1 x 24) and buy vegetables and fruits in agricultural markets, are generally of good quality and very cheap.

The Cuban climate is warm most of the year so people usually wear light clothes and fresh, we recommend based on clothing to wear light clothes, preferably cotton, both for day and night. During our brief winter (December to March) is a sufficient light jersey, especially for travel in air conditioned buses. Besides should not miss in your luggage for the sun glasses, bathing suits for a refreshing swim, and a sunscreen.

You can take pictures and film freely, except in restricted areas marked as military and others. The museums and other attractions have specific regulations.

The voltage in most residential, commercial, offices and hotels is 110 V / 60 Hz, though some facilities already have 220 V / 60 Hz Power outlets are for flat plugs.

No need to get vaccinated for travel to Cuba. Most hotels have medical services 24 hours with specialists and nurses. In big cities there are specialized clinics for dealing with tourists.

In most of the state service establishments (hotels, restaurants, bars) credit cards Visa and Mastercard, but have not been issued by U.S. banks. However, always carry cash for those occasions when the machines are not working the registers.

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