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Travel to Cuba

At the time of travel to Cuba, it is important that visitors know a number of customs and immigration regulations to be complied with at the time of your arrival in our country. This section of our website can find some information and rabbits that make it easier to provide with visa formalities, customs, etc.

To travel to Cuba as a tourist or leisure recreation need not be a proper visa, you just need what is called a "tourist card", which makes the role of the visa. The same can be obtained at the Cuban embassy and consulates as well as travel agencies at the time it takes on its package or it arrived in Cuba to her at the airport in Cuba. For your application you must complete the corresponding model, present the valid passport, a photocopy of the booking of hotel accommodation or other official (the reservation we offer can be used for this purpose since they have data from the hostel where was staying, which is authorized by the Cuban government to offer this kind of income) and a photocopy of the ticket reservation. The card or tourist visa is valid for one entry and exit to Cuba and have a duration of 30 days from the date of arrival in Cuba, may be extended for another 30 days.

To visit relatives in Cuba, should apply for a visa for relatives of Cuban citizens, which is issued to foreign direct relatives of Cuban citizens (parents, children, siblings, or spouses) who want to stay at home with their families. For this type of visa you must complete the relevant application form and submit the valid passport.

Visas for foreign nationals with Finnish tourist was not issued to foreigners coming to visit Cuba in an Event, offers business, transit and crewman. Foreign students and scholars admitted to Cuba by a center of learning, research and training. Journalists, correspondents, representatives of the press, radio, film or television and other media that are allowed to exercise their journalistic role. Foreigners who wish to undergo medical treatment in health institutions Cuban, after consultation with the Ministry of Public Health. The visa for purposes of trade and business will be managed prior to the trade and economic office of the Embassy.

Tourists who visit us at your arrival to Cuba do not have to fill out the model of customs declaration. Prohibited the entry of narcotics, pornography, explosives, firearms, except those duly authorized hunting on his arrival in Cuba.

Are tax-exempt items of personal use, including jewelery, cameras or video, sports and fishing kits, two bottles of liquor, a carton of cigarettes and up to 22 lbs (10 kg) of drugs, provided they are in their original containers. You can also import items of a value up to 250.00 U.S. dollars, 50.00 U.S. dollars of which are exempt from payment and the remaining 200.00 U.S. dollars are taxed with a tariff of 100%.

The entry of cash is unlimited but it is recommended to state figures above to $ 5000 for re-export an amount equal to or exceeding that amount are required to present a customs declaration in question.

When leaving the country allows free export of Cuban tobacco to 50 (according to Resolution No. 6-2007 force from June 1, 2007), if the purchase is more than 50 cigars will be exported in their original packaging, closed and sealed with the official hologram, and also must submit an invoice for your purchase at an establishment accredited for this.

The extraction of the country works of art and antiques should be covered by a permit from the National Registry of Cultural Assets of the Directorate of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

There are only health restrictions for travelers from countries where yellow fever and cholera are endemic or have been declared areas of infection by the World Health Organization, in which case you are required to present the International Certificate of Vaccination.

The entry of products of animal or vegetable origin is restricted, and the entry of pets requires special procedures.

Imported animals (pets) vaccinated, but it is necessary to accompany the documentation.

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