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Private Rent

The initiative of the Private Rental in Cuba emerged as an alternative for owners to earn relatively high compared with the average of the Cuban people.

Due to the economic situation that had the country, many owners decided to put some rooms of their houses (usually very spacious) for rent to foreign tourists. For this service charge a price much cheaper than a room in any of the hotels in the country, while offering excellent services, exquisitely decorated rooms with all comforts for a pleasant stay. But it is undoubtedly the personalized treatment that offers the visitor the possibility of approaching the Cuban people, which makes the hostels (or houses, as also called) a very attractive option for lodging when traveling to Cuba.

Unlike other businesses on the island, renting rooms to foreign tourists began to state regulations only since 1997, before this date will not be paying taxes for this activity. But at the moment if paid high taxes and the controls are very strict in this activity.

Despite all the taxes and controls all the owners do everything possible to stay in business because it is one of the most lucrative in the country.

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