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Santiago de Cuba

Located in the east, the province of Santiago de Cuba was founded in 1514 by the Spaniards, was the capital of the island and even in these days is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Cuba. It is located in a mountainous area comprising the Sierra Maestra, which results in the tilt of streets and houses. The population is a mixture of African, Spanish and French.

The city center is the Cespedes Park, where you can see the Cathedral Metropoliatana, the Municipal Palace, the Padre Pico Street staged, the home of Diego Velasquez, among other interesting places. The excellent facilities dedicated to tourism and the warmth of its people to ensure visitors a pleasant stay.

The biosphere reserve "Baconao" the Science Museum, aquariums and dolphinariums; Navy Marlin Punta Gorda and other tourist attractions can be enjoyed by tourists.

Localities of Santiago de Cuba

Casas particulares in Santiago de Cuba

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Casas particulares in Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba is Cuba's second city and is located in the east of the country. Founded in 1515 by the spanish conqueror Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, between the first seven villas in Cuba. The conqueror Hernán Cortés was the first... offers you: Accommodation, travel to Cuba, casas particulares for rent in Cuba, apartments and rooms, cheap lodging, rent private house, information and more...