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Sancti Spiritus

The province of Sancti Spiritus is at the center of Cuba. Founded in 1514 includes two of the first villages founded by the Spaniards: the city of Sancti Spiritus and the city of Trinidad. The city of Sancti Spiritus has buildings in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The city of Trinidad (known as the city museum in Cuba) has the most beautiful colonial buildings of the island and received the status of World Heritage by UNESCO.

In Trinidad seem to have made a journey through time to visit the Plaza Mayor and the church of the Holy Trinity. You can also visit the Romantic Museum, the Valley of the mills, the "Topes de Collantes" Natural Park, the famous Tower Manaca-Isnaga, among other destinations.

Localities of Sancti Spiritus

Casas particulares in Trinidad

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Casas particulares in Trinidad
The city of Trinidad was the third town founded by the Spanish Crown in Cuba in early 1514. The village was founded with the presence of the Governor Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, the city is changed rapidly, thanks to the entrepreneurial attitude of its...

Casas particulares in Sancti Spíritus

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Casas particulares in Sancti Spíritus
Sancti Spiritus city was founded in June, 1514 in an inland area near Trinidad due to a powerful reason: the information released by the Indians that in the inland area of Cuba there were much gold. Since its... offers you: Accommodation, travel to Cuba, casas particulares for rent in Cuba, apartments and rooms, cheap lodging, rent private house, information and more...