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Las Tunas

Las Tunas, located in eastern Cuba offers an ideal landscape for nature tourism, forests, waters, facilities for caving and wetlands.

There are several beaches on the coast, all with excellent quality, crystal clear waters, white sands and crystalline barriers ideal for diving. There are several sites that are linked to the Cuban national culture, as a monument to the poet Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo, alias "El Cucalambé.

Localities of Las Tunas

Casas particulares in Puerto Padre

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Casas particulares in Puerto Padre
The city of Puerto Padre is relatively young, having started promoted from 1860, in a coastal area near the sugar mill San Manuel, north of the province of Las Tunas. Its magnificent harbor, the renowned beauty of its beaches and the...

Casas particulares in Las Tunas

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Casas particulares in Las Tunas
The town of Las Tunas was founded in 1759 and is today a city named the capital of the sculpture in Cuba, she exhibited more than 70 monumental works and environment. It highlights beautiful expressions of the hand of Rita Longa. Local culture is diverse, and within all activities taking place Cucalambeana highlights Day, in honor... offers you: Accommodation, travel to Cuba, casas particulares for rent in Cuba, apartments and rooms, cheap lodging, rent private house, information and more...