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Places of Interest in Cuba:

La Canchanchara

  (46 Casas particulares)

The Canchánchara no more than a drink from the heavens that helps to awaken the mind, made with honey, lemon and rum. That's taking the mambises drink on the mountain. Now is prepared at the tavern that bears the same name. Serve...

Museo El Carnaval

  (14 Casas particulares)

It was inaugurated on June 7, 1983, in Santiago de Cuba. The themes presented in the museum are divided into three stages. The Carnival in the Colony, in the Mediatized Republic and in the Revolution. Through the tour of the museum rooms you can see the history of the Santiaguero Carnival that originated in the religious...

Indian Cave

  (12 Casas particulares)

The Indian Cave is situated near the road to San Cayetano Viñales. About 6 km away from the town of Viñales, before coming to San Vicente. It is typical to find in addition to various forms and...

Bellamar Caves

  (9 Casas particulares)

Bellamar caves were discovered by a slave in the nineteenth century. Today most visited are the famous island of Cuba. With an area of approximately 2 thousand meters, are caves formed by 3 principles: Bellamar, El Jibaro Jarrito and...

Romantic Museum

  (46 Casas particulares)

The Romantic Museum also known as the Palace of Count Brunet, is situated on Calle Fernando Hernández Echemendía No. 52, Plaza Mayor of the city of Trinidad in Sancti Spiritus province. It offers the visitor a...

Museo ¨Emilio Bacardí¨

  (14 Casas particulares)

Founded in Santiago de Cuba on February 12, 1899 by Emilio Bacardi. It is located in Pio Rosado street (Carnicería) number 552 between Aguilera (Marina) and Heredia (Cathedral), in the historic center of the province of Santiago de Cuba. It treasures valuable samples of pre-Columbian culture, national...

Cienfuegos Bay

  (23 Casas particulares)

Cienfuegos Bay located in the town bearing the same name is accessible from all points, its depth, shelter and formidable commercial terms of its port, make it one of the most important of the Cuban archipelago.

Junco Palace

  (9 Casas particulares)

The museum "Palacio de Junco" in the Plaza "La Vigia" in the historical center of the city of Matanzas. The building in which it is located was built in 1838 and belonged to one of the richest landowners...

Manaca-Iznaga Tower

  (46 Casas particulares)

The Manaca-Iznaga Tower rises above the Valley of Wits, as sentinel of the plain, which was built by Maria del Carmen Alejo Borrel Iznaga and for monitoring the sugar plantations. It is one of the most representative symbols of the city,...

Parque Céspedes

  (14 Casas particulares)

It is located between the streets: Aguilera, San Pedro, Heredia, and Santo Tomás. It constitutes the main square of the city of Santiago de Cuba and therefore the center of greater hierarchy. This area presents great animation, with the development of multiple activities of a political, cultural and social nature. It is...
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