Travel to Cuba: Accommodation in casas particulares, rooms and apartments in Cuba
Venezuelans must have a visa to travel to Cuba. News about tourism and travel to Cuba. Travel and accommodation in Cuba. Casa particular for rent. Rooms and apartments.

News about tourism and travel to Cuba

Venezuelans must have a visa to travel to Cuba

Venezuelans must have a visa to travel to Cuba
According to the Cuban consulate in Caracas and the Venezuelan Consortium Aircraft Industries and Air Services (Conviasa) and already in effect from July 24, Venezuelans wishing to travel to Cuba should opt for a tourist visa as an initial step for arrangements with travel agents, the validity of a single entry is summarized in one month extended to the immigration authorities.

The official and set for visa application pathway is through the Cuban Embassy in Caracas and not at the airport as was done previously. The rigor of the new measure is due to the sharp increase in travel of Venezuelans to Cuba in search of US dollars because the amounts received for travel to Cuba from Venezuela are 700 to $ 1,000 if the stay is less than seven days and between 1063 and 1500 dollars if the journey is longer than 8 days.


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