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The Americans are already preparing their bags to travel to Cuba. News about tourism and travel to Cuba. Travel and accommodation in Cuba. Casa particular for rent. Rooms and apartments.

News about tourism and travel to Cuba

The Americans are already preparing their bags to travel to Cuba

The Americans are already preparing their bags to travel to Cuba
After the recent talks between the governments of Castro and Obama last December and the lifting of some restrictions on travel for US citizens, there is a climate of curiosity and mystery among the American community who wants to know the island and has already attracted much dialogues between airlines, tour operators and Traveller communities about these facts.

In voice of Collin Laverty, owner of Educational Travel Cuba in Washington, DC "There is a kind of sense of urgency by travelers ... People perceive that is about openness, so they want to go there soon", a statement which already runs the thinking of many curious and adventurous travelers who are ready to know an island so close geographically and so far politically for more than half a century.

Recent polls show that Cuba could be a priority destination for most Americans on their trips to the Caribbean, which brings a mystery to the Cuban government Are we prepared for the huge flow of tourists arriving at Cuba so soon?, an important issue on the desk of the authorities of tourism in Cuba who will be prepared anyway because already is rooted the idea of traveling between many people in the United States.

For now, those American citizens who are between the 12 categories that were recently approved by the US Congress could travel to Cuba to do certain activities without a specific license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), a step progress in trade relations between the two countries.

While it is true that Americans are already preparing their luggage to travel, is also a reality that the opening will bring quite a few disappointments in reaching a room with the standards required by customers as demanding, especially in high season (December to April) because there are commitments with Canada, the market star of the island and other alternative markets to which they will not give up for now, and slow growth that covers the growing demand for rooms with 4 and 5 stars, which of course for next season will not be solved. The authorities of tourism in Cuba should carefully segmenting the North American market and positioning services that meet their needs in these markets without leading to overcrowding of American tourism, at least not the first year, then the policy could actually fail rather than a important source of income.


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