Travel to Cuba: Accommodation in casas particulares, rooms and apartments in Cuba
Casas particulares for rent in Cuba. Travel and accommodation in Cuba. Casa particular for rent. Rooms and apartments.

Casas particulares for rent in Cuba

In 1997, the Cuban government proclaimed a law that allowed Cubans to rent out rooms in their houses or apartments, mainly to tourists. So far, many families in Cuba have devoted a lot of time to this activity, even many of them with more than 15 years of experience.

In the main tourist destinations in Cuba, you can find many guesthouses (from now on casas particulares or simply casas as Spanish). Essentially, a casa particular is a tourist business for a lot of families in Cuba. These families offer rooms and also a great variety of services in their houses to tourists to obtain CUC (the Cuban currency). These casas particulares have a great advantage: the prices are generally cheaper than the hotels in the same locality or provinces.

There are unimaginable facilities that you will find if you visit one of these establishments: from a laundry, catering, Cuban dance lessons, Spanish lessons to tourist guides to show you the entire destination. Within the concept “casas particulares” you can also find apartments, rooms inside an apartment, rooms with separate entrance, colonial houses, buildings and other classifications.

All the casas have always an owner who takes care of the business and contact the client before the arrival, and also facilitates everything once in the destination, although there are always other members of the owner´s family living in the same house. The business may be operated either as principal or as a secondary source of income, but benefits the family´s finances. The rooms are adapted to the standards of the international tourism and, between other facilities offer air-conditioning, single or double beds, wardrobe, a small table and a private bathroom.

These casas generally provide accommodation for no more than 6 people and it is recommended for clients wanting to stay during the high season (November-March) to make reservations several weeks in advance. The prices may vary depending on the season (from 15 CUC or even cheaper to 40 CUC) and depending on the stay, because the owners offer discounts for long stays.

The majority of these casas particulares belongs to associations and has an online presence in many webs for travel and accommodations in Cuba. They are also published in several travel guides around the world.

The Cuban government, according with laws and regulations, prohibited the operation of this kind of business in some places with interest for tourism in Cuba such as: Playa Santa Lucía, Guardalavaca, Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa María, Cayo Largo, some areas of Varadero and others.

When you reserve a room in one of these casas in Cuba, you are contributing to increase the standard of living of the people who live there, but also you can experience at first hand the way of living of the Cubans, share with them and establish friendly and lasting relationships. The main reason to book a room in a casa particular is because you will save money (the majority of theses casas are cheaper than the hotels in the same tourist destination).

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