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Attractions to visit in Cuba

Beach's Destinations on Cuba: more info and casas particulares

Beach's Destinations on Cuba

Cuba is a natural paradise that has many natural values of great beauty and attraction, especially highlighting its extensive beaches that are preserved virtually virgin water clear and transparent, with fine white sand, with a variety of seabed where they combine shades of green and blue in different contrasts. It is interesting how our archipelago at certain times of the year becomes a corridor for migratory birds. These areas can find the broad access to... read more...
Cities to visit in Cuba: more info and casas particulares

Cities to visit in Cuba

From one extreme to the other of the country our visitors will find a mixture of traditions and rhythms that reflect different ways in each city or town in our country. At present, Cuba has become our great prestige worldwide, by holding it to major events such as festivals, ballet, theater, music, visual arts and theater, they occupy different venues in different cities, taking as the main protagonist of the public who visit them. Also surprising for... read more...
Destinations of history and culture: more info and casas particulares

Destinations of history and culture

Culture in Cuba is a tool for transmitting values, that is why the country is developing a wide range of educational, social and cultural rights in order to achieve profound changes in people. The rich history of a country with more than five centuries of existence as well as other objects and belongings of famous people or institutions in any of the latitudes are treasured in the 300 museums that exist in... read more...
Nature attractions in Cuba: more info and casas particulares

Nature attractions in Cuba

All across the island of Cuba, the visitor will find large areas of natural beauty and high values of great attraction for customers making the area attractive landscapes unlike the rest of the Greater Antilles. Currently, the Cuban archipelago has a diverse protected areas based on Biosphere Reserves, Outstanding Natural Landscapes, World Heritage, National Parks. There are also more than 300 areas with special management category... read more... offers you: Accommodation, travel to Cuba, casas particulares for rent in Cuba, apartments and rooms, cheap lodging, rent private house, information and more...